Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstry Cleaning is one of the specialised services that we provide to our customers. We have a specially trained staff to handle upholstered furniture. They have specialised knowledge on upholstery materials and how they could be treated to restore them to give their original look with no damage to the furniture and as well as to the in house eco system.

To adhere with our company policy that we minimise the adding chemicals to the environment. we use steam cleaning for upholstery cleaning. Deep Steam Cleaning removes cemented dirts, fats and dust from the long used furniture.

Our specialised team will guarantee you of that you make your mind to bring your ugly looking couch back to its normal place on the lounge.

 Some of our special upholstery cleanings


Couch Steam Cleaning

Add a new life to your couch, sofa or recliners with quality steam cleaning. Indian, Tapestry, Cotton, Silk all fabrics can be cleaned.

We can also sanitize and deodorize the fabric as well. We also shampoo and condition leather couches to remove dirt and give it a soft feeling again.

Car Steam Cleaning

If you want to make your car looking good and smelling new you need to make sure upholstery is completely free of dirt, grime and odors.

The best way to achieve this is to steam clean your car seats, floors and boot by EcoFirst Cleaning. We can shampooing and conditioning the leather car seats as well.

We also sanitize and deodorize car seats, floors and boot to kill bacteria and dust mites from fabric and give it a healthy and nice look.  Once again fabric protection can be applied to car seats and other regular fabric to extend their durability.

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