Office Cleaning

Secretary Washing The Floor In Office

We have a full office cleaning package to cover all the divisions of your office  either it’s one off  job or to be continued on  daily, weekly or  monthly basis on a long – term contract.


Office clean package..

It covers the office entrance, stairways,  reception  counters  and foyer areas, all the working areas  and departments, staff kitchen  and rest rooms, toilets and bath rooms.

Floor cleaning : vacuum all the carpets  and mop up vinyl floors.

Bins cleaning : Empty al the dust bins and in house  rubbish bins

Staff kitchen cleaning : Tidy up kitchen facilities, clean and disinfect all the surfaces.

 Toilet and bathroom cleaning : Mop the floors  and clean toilet bowls and urinals using specifically  biodegradable and  effective detergents and disinfectants.

Wall cleaning : dusting, remove cobwebs  and special pot cleaning.

Window cleaning : windows, blinds and curtains  and door frames are cleaned from inside.

Other surfaces cleaning :  dusting of telephones, air-condition vents  and work tables


 Please note that our office cleaning package can be tailored to meet with your specific needs.

Our office cleaning team members are  specially trained and are closely supervised  to  ensure safety and security of your equipments and documents. We sign a bond with you to protect your confidentiality 100%.